Present day New York, the city where the American dream is most alive. People from all over the world have packed their bags and moved to this great city for various reasons. Some came to achieve their dreams, some for a better education, and some still simply because they wanted to. Regardless of their reasoning, they’re all doing the same thing: watching the digital numbers forever embedded on their forearm, ticking down to the final moment; the moment they’ll meet the person they’ll spend their lives with. With the timer on their bodies getting closer to zero, it’s a bit hard to focus on anything else but finding that special someone. Some wait for hours; some for years; and some, the unlucky few whose numbers are frozen on their arm, wait forever, their numbers an eternal reminder that they’ll never meet the person of their dreams. However, everyone goes on with their daily lives secretly searching for their soulmate, waiting for the numbers to tick down or simply waiting for that special someone. Where will you be when your timer hits zero? And who will be facing you?
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Counting Seconds
Eirik Dermaic is a 24 years old from Seattle, Washington.
He's in New York as a Film and Video Editor. His countdown says 20:30:26.
The name on his clock says Steven R. McQueen and he is OPEN.

✔ Positive Traits ✔

Courteous, Hard working, Easygoing

✘ Negative Traits ✘

Mysterious, Secretive, Spectical

↳ Bio

Hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, Washington, Eirik Dermaic is a mystery wrapped up in another mystery. No one really knows much about Eirik and he likes it that way. It’s better than everyone knowing he is the son of one of Americas’ most wanted. Born to a criminal ensured Eiriks’ childhood be spent in foster home after foster home. However, he didn’t let this affect him too much. He worked hard in school and decided he wanted to have a better life than his parents. He moved to New York and is struggling his way through college while making short films.

↳ Connections

KAIL ILLIAD: The two met in editing class that Eirik attends. They have a weird love-hate relationship. In public they act like they hate each other and they tell everything you can possibly imagine about each other, but once in a while when there’s nobody around Eirik asks for help from Kail with his laptop and they actually talk.

ALICE VON MARTIN: Eirik usually didn’t do the whole walk-up-to-people kind of thing to get somebody into her movie, but when he saw Alice on the subway he just knew she would be perfect in her latest short film, so when she actually said yes he was very glad, and since the shooting they got closer and closer, becoming close friends.

ANISE DE VOS: Alice was the one who dragged Eirik to a fashion show when she didn’t have anyone else to go. Eirik immediately noticed Anise and even though they never actually talked he’s amazed by her and hopes that this short one-sided meeting is not the only times he saw her.

Sexuality: Pan-sexual.